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  With a PMPML pass, your rides can cost less.
Monthly Pass
Student Pass
  Weekly Pass
Rs. 350/- Valid for all 7 days on all routes
  Monthly Pass
  1. Rs. 1200/- Inside PMC / PCMC limit
  2. Rs. 1500/- Out side PMC / PCMC limit.
  Students Monthly Pass (Download Form)
Rs. 600/- On all routes for multiple trips
  Senior citizens Monthly Pass
Rs. 450/- On all routes. The Senior Citizens have to fill up a form of Rs.5/- at the department before the pass is issued.One Day pass are Rs: 30 /-
  PMC Staff Monthly Pass
Rs. 700/- Valid for whole month on all routes
  Students Monthly Pass: Used for travel from home to school/college. The rate according to the stage of travel is calculated and a discount of 50% is applied.(Valid for to and fro travel once a day only). The students have to fill up a form issued by the dept. for Rs.5/- and get it signed and stamped by the school before the pass is issued.  
  Passengers Monthly Pass: Valid for travel once a day, to and from pre-specified destinations. The charges are calculated by distance. The cost of twenty days travel is charged for a monthly pass.  
I-Cards cost
  1. Students I-Card    Rs.20/-
  2. Passengers I-Card    Rs.20/-
  3. Senior citizens I-Card    Rs.20/-

Daily Passes

  1. Rs. 50/-: Only within PMC / PCMC limits.

Benefits of starting computerized Pass Centers:
PMC plans to introduce computerized pass centers for passengers and students in urban and rural Pune. In accordance with this a contract for computerization of 32 centers has been signed for the next five years. These computerized centers will have the following benefits:
  • Time saving
  • Staff saving
  • Easy pass distribution
  • Attractive and durable pass distribution
  • Maintain Security and confidentiality
  • Easy Accounting
  • Up to date reports
  • Prevention of malfunctions
  • Up to date records
  • User-friendly
  • Money saving
  • Prevent duplication of work
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