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Hire Bus

Contact Information Details

Phone number: 020-24503300 / 020-24503299
Email: /

Fare list of Casual Contract Buses

Monthly contract Rent-Student

Today’s present cost of plying buses of Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal ltd for students  per k.m. cost (C.P.K.) will be Imposed.

Monthly contract rent list for other Institute/companies on basis of Monthly contract per month 2000 K.M. or 22 Working days further than 22 days averages rate will be calculated.

2000 K.M. x C.P.K.= Monthly rate will be calcualted

for example: Distance 2000 x rate per K.M. 61= 1,22,000/-

Casual Contract Buses Rent

For Picnic and wedding occasion traffic Manager as a right to grant permission and decide the package.





For First Six Hours



After First Six Hours Additional Hours


B. Detention Charges - per hour

Type of Bus

Educational Institutions Proposed Fare Rs.

Other Organizations Proposed Fare Rs.

Ordinary Bus



Luxury Bus



C. Cancellation Charges

Type of Bus

Educational Institutions Proposed Fare Rs.

Other Organizations Proposed Fare Rs.

Ordinary Bus



Luxury Bus



Proposed Fare for Buses on Casual contract for minimum 6 hours and more.

6 hours: Rs. 6090.00/-

Every additional hour: Rs. 851.00/hour

Or, Fare calculated on kilometer basis according to the accepted tariff, whichever is more.

D. Overtime Allowance admissible to the Driver on the Casual contract Bus

Overtime: If the period of duty of the driver exceeds the normal 8.30 working hours, overtime pay of Rs. 65/- per hour or the actual overtime allowance applicable shall be recovered from the contracting party. The applicable overtime allowance for a permanent employee shall be as per his scale of pay.

Annexure 4

Fares applicable as per the PMPML Revised fares from 4 th February 2006 ( Newspaper Parcel)

B) Registration Charges for claiming lost property: Proposed charge: Rs.60.00



Proposed Fare


1 – 10



11 - 50



51 - 100


Rs. 30.00 for every 25 issues above 100.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Buses can be contracted only to travel within the limits of the PMPML service.
  2. Booking for the bus needs to be done at least 5 (five) days in advance.
  3. Maximum seating capacity of the bus is for 46 (forty six) passengers.
  4. Maximum seating capacity for children below 12 years is 60 (sixty).
  5. Minimum deposit amount: Rs. 3000/- Additional deposit amount will depend upon the time and kilometers incurred for the program.
  6. Minimum rent: Rs. 6000/- Additional rent amount will depend upon the time and kilometers incurred for the program.
  7. The deposit amount for booking should be paid in cash only. Time : 10.30 am to 4.00 pm. ( Break: 2.00 pm-2.30 pm)
  8. The balance amount (if any) after settlement of accounts will be returned after approximately 15 days.
  9. The balance amount will be returned by a cross cheque. Hence, it is necessary that the applicant has a valid bank account in his name.
  10. The applicant has to bear the toll charges wherever applicable.
  11. Parking charges will be borne by the applicant.
  12. Entrance fee (wherever applicable) is to be borne by the applicant.
  13. In those instances where the deposit amount is less that the total bill amount, the deficit amount should be paid within seven days from the date when such information was conveyed.
  14. The Management reserves the right to deny giving a bus on contract.
  15. Rate of calculation: The time and kilometer readings will be calculated starting from the departure of the bus from the depot till the return of the bus to the depot.
    • By time: Rs. 6100/- for the first six hours + Rs. 815/- for every additional hour.
    • By Kilometers:
    • The signature and official seal of the Principal, Educational Institution is necessary on the contract form.
    • Note: After calculations according to A and B above, the greater amount will be deemed as the bill amount.
  16. Deposit Amount:
    • As per time
    • As per kilometers
      After calculations according to 1 and 2 above, the greater amount as per the tariff should be paid as the deposit amount.
  17. Cancellation of Contract: If the contract needs to be cancelled for any reason, the following charges will be applicable towards administrative costs:
    • Other organizations: Rs. 608/-
    • Educational Institutions: Rs. 528/-